Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to Become an Expert Networker Chapter 2. Do You Know About Follow Up and Follow Through?

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding How the Majority Fail
Chapter 2: Follow Up and Follow Through
Chapter 3: Extend Yourself
Chapter 4: Become A Social Network Expert
Chapter 5: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personal Service
Chapter 6: Maintain A Networking Database
Chapter 7: Be Honorable
Chapter 8: Give Without Expectation
Chapter 9: Listening and Asking Questions
Chapter 10 : Make Networking Fun For You

Chapter 2. What Do You Know About Follow Up and Follow Through?

What happens on the far side of the initial contact and/or sale. Arriving at the sale isn't the climax of business it's only the start of what should be a long term relationship.

Why is this so crucial?

Your long-term success depends on it! Residual incomes are accomplished only by duplicate sales, meaning your purchasers have to stay put if you want to proceed to get paid tomorrow on something you did today. If you disregard or abuse those relationships you'll cease to be in business.

What is the advantage?

Naturally individuals are doubting, following up builds up trust and relationships. Relationships are what produce loyalty. Loyalty is what produces stability. Stability is what produces Longevity. Longevity = Residual Income! You'll bring forth more business in duplicate sales, increase referrals, propel your team and see expanded duplication.

Realities about Follow up and Follow Through:

  • Out of 50,000 individuals who begin a home based business, 48,500 never hear from their upline or sponsor over again!

  • Individuals must trust you before they'll abide by your leadership or advice.

  • Most marketers not only neglect to follow up but avoid it!

  • Support is costless and yields the most eminent return!

  • It's much easier to keep a client and/or team member busy than it is to go find a fresh one.

  • Deserted individuals are not productive.

  • Applying a retention strategy systematically improves profitability by 32%.

  • A implemented client retention strategy decelerates attrition 10:1

  • What you do inside your organization/business will be reduplicated with in your teams.

  • Ordinary selling cycle is 21-30 days, just because they didn't purchase today doesn't mean they're saying NO for good.

  • By actuating, educating, and arming individuals for success, individuals will stay longer and more individuals will arise to become leaders. Producing long term constancy!

Earnings in business comes from repeat clients, clients that boast about your project or service, and that add friends with them.

The destiny is in the Follow up - Riches are made in the Follow up! Successful networkers go the additional mile!

We're in the relationship business "Network" means individuals/relationships. Following through lets you learn more about your prospect, client and/or team member. It as well lets you to help them make an informed decision, get more referrals, build up trust and credibility by showing them you do what you say you will.

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