Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Become an Expert Networker Chapter 1. Understanding How the Majority Fail

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding How the Majority Fail
Chapter 2: Follow Up and Follow Through
Chapter 3: Extend Yourself
Chapter 4: Become A Social Network Expert
Chapter 5: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personal Service
Chapter 6: Maintain A Networking Database
Chapter 7: Be Honorable
Chapter 8: Give Without Expectation
Chapter 9: Listening and Asking Questions
Chapter 10 : Make Networking Fun For You

Chapter 1. Understanding How The Majority Fail

Learn Who Fails So It Won’t Be You

Even if you specified it, it’s practically out of the question to get an accurate statistic on the failure rate of online businesses. All the same, individuals are curious what induces an online business to give out…
Here are the top things that keep people from succeeding:

1. Deficiency Of Action. There are individuals who desired to sell products online, read about marketing products online and purchased books about marketing products online — but never in reality acted on it.

2. Restlessness. Too many times, a person will assemble an online store, add her products, tell a couple of friends about it, put her link in her sig line, purchase an ad or two — and 6 months later when she’s not bringing in $2,000 a month, she drops out, saying that internet marketing doesn’t work.

3. Life. This is particularly true in the work at home mom domain. The person gets occupied with children and just merely doesn’t have time to commit to her business that's necessitated.

4. Deficiency Of Planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So many individuals begin a business on a whim. They come up with an thought on Monday and by Friday, they’ve assembled a free internet site, downloaded a free template and slapped in a couple of Paypal buttons. When swarms of traffic don’t arrive by next Tuesday, they're on to the next thing since apparently, selling products online doesn’t work.

5. Damaging Attitude. “I’ll just employ a free hosting account, just in case this doesn’t work out.” “I don’t want to spend more than a hundred dollars on a internet site design, as this is just a small business and I don’t want to waste money.” Too frequently individuals in a target market view essential business expenditures as a waste of income, rather than as an investment.

6. Getting Stuck In The Details. There are people who get upset because they think the content area of a site needed to be moved ONE PIXEL to the left and they'd already used their 2 allowed revisions. I’m sorry — but one pixel isn't going to keep individuals from buying your product.

Discovering the perfect shade of purple that looks the same on every monitor in the world isn't going to sell your products.

Individuals often fail to be meticulous about the stuff that matters — such as the content — and get stuck in the details of stuff that amounts to basically nothing.

The success of any business depends upon having the correct outlook from the word-go as well.

Having the correct outlook won't guarantee success but a wrong or unrealistic outlook will most certainly ensure failure. Consequently having the correct outlook is the first fundament that must be laid upon which a successful business can be built.

What is a correct outlook?

A correct outlook is the willingness to work hard to accomplish the goals that have been set. A correct outlook isn’t the belief that success will be simple, quick or painless.

Those who think that they can make an internet business boom without having to actually submit any time or effort are plainly condemned to failure from the first.

There are plenty of dishonest individuals waiting for the next fledgling marketer to come along searching easy wealth.
A correct outlook is the willingness to take the time to make a good, solid business plan that's based on sound business principles.

A correct outlook isn’t just bounding in feet first and trusting for the best because you are able to lose out big time.

Frankly ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ isn't a's just plain self-destruction in the world of internet marketing. If you don’t have a conventional education in business, you need to discover individuals who do have that kind of education or programs to help you learn more.